Detroit-Area School Closures Due to Camo-Dressed Visitor

 School was closed Tuesday at L'Anse Creuse High School in Detroit-area Harrison, Michigan, after a man entered wearing camouflage, reports the Detroit Free Press. Was this overreacting by school officials, a logical consequence of post-Sandy Hook fear, or simple common sense? At first glance, they seem to have over-reacted, especially given that Selfridge Airforce Base is nearby. The sad fact is that to prevent school shootings, like Newtown, staff has to be over-cautious. It's a wake-up call to all school visitors to use common sense. The guy didn't need to go clad in full BDU and flak jacket, holster, empty or not. I think we all need to show a little more common sense about messages we send to kids. Is it his right to dress as he pleases. Sure. But can and should are not the same thing. If guns were so readily available yet stupidly used, if gun rights advocates cared less about the second amendment and more about society's rights to safety, this wouldn't be an issue. Detroit-Area School Closures Due to Camo-Dressed Visitor

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