SeaWorld ends orca whale shows over 'Blackfish' Tilikum animal cruelty protests |

In startling news, SeaWorld will end orca whale shows at its San Diego theme park. The Guardian reported on Nov. 9, that the decision came in the wake of animal cruelty protests over Tilikum and other killer whales featured in the 2013 "Blackfish" film. Dwindling admissions and sinking profit margins have left SeaWorld floundering. SeaWorld announced that the iconic killer whale shows will be phased out by 2017 and replaced by a "new orca experience" focused on natural environment of whales. 2016 will be the last year guests will see performing killer whales at San Diego SeaWorld amusement park. But ending the orca whale shows is only a ripple in the pond. SeaWorld is completely restructuring the entire venue.SeaWorld ends orca whale shows over 'Blackfish' Tilikum animal cruelty protests |


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