'You're Not Special' Graduation Speech is Spot On

When I first read about the graduation speaker who told students "you're not special," it hit a discordant note. Then I realized that he's absolutely correct, pragmatically and in the larger point he was making. According to, Wellesley High English teacher David McCullough Jr. demonstrated in his speech that, by the numbers, students are a pretty pedestrian lot and that they've got it pretty easy. I think kids and we parents, too, need to hear more of this kind of thinking. It may seem harsh, but it's realistic. Read on   'You're Not Special' Graduation Speech is Spot On

Michigan House Approves Changes to 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Age

Currently, the state of Michigan says 4-year-old children may be enrolled in kindergarten as long as they turn five by December 1. State lawmakers are considering whether children are, in fact, mature enough to start school at that age, says Michigan Radio. The Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill on Thursday that would gradually narrow age requirements for children enrolled in any given year.  Michigan House Approves Changes to 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Age

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