Right-to-Work Not Right for Michigan, Now or Ever

Protesters opposing right-to-work legislation rallied at Michigan's Lansing capitol earlier this week, says WXYZ. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has been flirting with right-to-work since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ousted collective bargaining in his state last year. In fact, the Washington Post dubbed Gov. Snyder "the Scott Walker of 2014." However, when lawmakers forwarded right-to-work, Gov. Snyder said it wasn't the right thing for Michigan then. Operative word: then. Teachers, pay attention. This legislation will strip you of rights even if you're not unionized. The photo left was taken by my son at an anti-RTW rally. Those are armed guards. They shot tear gas at some kids. For peacefully protesting. So much for the bill of rights.  Right-to-Work Wrong for Michigan

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