Free Printable Immunization Waiver Forms for School

Each U.S. state has its own laws regarding school immunizations and vaccine requirements. But parents have the right to waive immunizations and vaccines for their children. Schools cannot keep your child out if you refuse to immunize. Here are free printable vaccination waiver forms. has compiled links to free printable school immunization waiver forms on a state by state basis. Some forms are printed in other languages to help families of different ethnic backgrounds.

Why waive child immunizations? For one thing, the term 'immunization' is a misnomer. The correct term is vaccine. A matter of semantics? No. To refer to a vaccine as an immunization gives the impression that the child is protected carte blanche from getting whatever disease he is being immunized against. This is not the case. First of all, a vaccine simply puts the virus into the child's body. It the vaccine uses a dead virus, the potency is often in question. If the vaccine administers a dose of the live virus into the child's body, there are many more health risks.Some vaccines are used to treat extinct diseases, which simply perpetuates a disease that was eradicated ages ago.

However, my purpose persuade or dissuade parents from vaccinating their children. That is a personal family matter that each parent must decide upon for themselves. What I want to make clear is that you have the right as a parent to decide without fear of impunity from schools. Your child may not be allowed, by private organizations, to participate in activities without being vaccinated. Our daughter couldn't volunteer as a hospital candy striper without having certain shots. But p
ublic institutions like schools can't discriminate.

You will be discouraged, most likely, by your local school and health department for choosing to waive immunizations. Schools, doctors offices, medical centers and health departments rarely provide resources for parents to sign and print vaccination waiver forms. So I share these links.

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